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Makes you want to get on board: ZF innovations make all types of rail vehicles safer, more comfortable, and more cost-efficient.

Worldwide on Track

High Tech on the Railway

ZF Friedrichshafen AG is a reliable partner for the journey into the future on rails. The company is one of the world’s technology leaders in the area of driveline, chassis and safety technology. It offers components and systems which make railway traffic more powerful without neglecting passenger safety and comfort.

By doing so, it significantly contributes for example to the further expansion of the high speed sector where travel speeds of up to 380 km/h are already being implemented in regular operation and in which achieving much higher speeds is an objective. In the growing cities and metropolises around the globe, innovative technology by ZF helps to keep public transport flowing. It makes sure that electric metro city trains and trams also generate a low level of emissions in terms of noise and improve quality of life in the cities in a pleasantly quiet manner.


Smart Mobility for Rail

As a continuous innovator, ZF is preparing for the next generation of driveline, chassis and safety systems with intelligent connectivity solutions that will further improve productivity and efficiency for different segments and markets. ZF accepts this challenge and combines mechanics, electronics and digital technologies for rail vehicles.


ZF's Repowering solutions aim at reducing fuel consumption and this life cycle costs and at extending the service life of the rail vehicles.


ZF is recognized as an excellent and reliable partner for innovative driveline, chassis and safety systems. Rail transport also benefits from this. Ever since its first "Rail Bus" project launched 90 years ago, ZF has been producing drive systems for the future of rail travel, capable of being integrated in existing systems. Because only innovations which make trains fast, safe and comfortable motivate customers to travel in them. This is an obligation and a challenge at one and the same time.

Driveline Technology

As a technological leader for modern driveline technology, ZF guarantees tangible customer value.

Chassis Technology

ZF's product portfolio for chassis components is versatile and flexible.

Product Highlights


This new, modular ZF EcoMet gearbox for metros offers rail vehicle manufacturers a great performance, robustness and economy.


ZF’s most recent development, the six-speed powershift transmission ZF EcoWorld, features an integrated and reversing function and is used in DMUs (Diesel Multiple Units).

Aluminum Crash Absorber

Increasing train speeds mean higher requirements for damping systems in rail vehicles. In close cooperation with its customers, ZF develops innovative, efficient concepts which are easier on both people and materials.

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