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Mobility is a central need in people's lives. Automated driving can lead to more safety and comfort on the roads.


The future of mobility

Mobility in the past, present and future

A loss of balance is being increasingly felt between the available mobility options and our life aspirations. There is a growing wish for constantly available, affordable, clean, and safe forms of mobility. This desire faces a reality characterized by traffic congestion, emissions and gaps in service provision. It's time for change.

Autonomous driving: An overview

What is the state of the art? How is testing carried out? What will the future bring? Take a look here to find out everything there is to know about cars and other vehicles that operate on an automated or autonomous basis.

ZF products

Embrace mobility

Lean back and enjoy the ride - ZF technologies help drivers all over the world reach their destination safely and comfortably.

The traffic jam on the motorway, the chaotic junction in the city, bad weather and a long drive back home after a long exhausting working day. Almost every driver has undergone these situations. In order to increase comfort and safety when driving, our global research and development network works on new, innovative solutions.

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