Mobility is a central need, but more and more, it is not perceived in a favorable light. It's time to change that!

Reconciling life and mobility

With an initiative, ZF focuses squarely on people with regard to mobility offers, showing where and how things can be improved.

More often than not, being on the move causes great stress. A loss of balance is being increasingly felt between the available mobility options and our life aspirations. There is a growing wish for constantly available, affordable, clean, and safe forms of mobility. This desire faces a reality characterized by traffic congestion, emissions and gaps in service provision.

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The number of people is rising rapidly

The number of people is rising rapidly

Forecasts by the UN indicate that the world population, which currently stands at 7.4 billion, will reach almost 8.4 billion people in 2035. At the same time, the need for mobility is increasing. This results in greater burdens on traffic and the environment, as well as rapidly rising mobility costs. There is need for action. Already today, the #MobilityLifeBalance is massively off balance.

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